Samstag, 27. Februar 2010

easter bunny card part 2

hello ladies
it's me again. Well, I looked at my card again and decided that I want to change something. So here is what I changed.
First of all I changed the inside of the card. It looked so empty so I had to do the following thing:

so after adding some scrapbookpaper and using my new swirl rubber stamp (well, actually it's a birthday present but I was able to convince my nephew that I can't wait until next Saturday and that I really need the rubber stamp *lol*) I thought: Nope, that's not it.. so I decided to take the other rubber stamp which is also my birthday present (but my little mean nephew just didn't want to give me the other rubber stamps, now I'm suffering sooo much *laugh even louder*) and I stamped the cute eggs and colored them
Unfortunately I can't add them tonight as I put some 3D varnish on them.
Done? Nope, not yet. It was time to add some glimmer :-)
Now done? Noppppe :-) not yet but almost, haha. Last step I did, I looked at that cute bunny and decided: dude, you are going to have a plastic surgery :-) I used the 3D varnish again so after drying it will look plastic :-). I use it for my decoupage sheets and my handstamped images.
I have to wait until tomorrow to show you how it looks when it's dry as it takes a couple of hours to dry so tomorrow (well, today, it's 2 am) I will add the easter eggs and upload the picture of the card again :-)
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