Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010

last minute invitation cards

well, shortly before I wanted to go to bed, my nephew showed up telling me he needs 4 invitation cards tomorrow (which is today). Oh well, I slept 3 hours and got up to start making the invitation cards.

Well before I went to bed I colored the handstamped Hänglar images, added some 3d varnish and added some glitter which you can see on the flowers.

well, the images were dry when I woke up so I could start making the cards. Let me explain something before I go on. I know that my nephew's friends will throw 'em away so I decided to do the cards without any embellishments. I treasure my embellishments and they are too good for ending up in trash. I also used the scrapbook paper I never liked and never used.

Here are some pictures of the cards

I've printed the invitation on a small paper and glued it inside the card ....

... and closed it with a ribbon.

Here are the other pictures:

this is the outside of the card when it's not folded

here are all 4 on 1 pic:

Now I have to clean up the mess, it's 05:33 am and it was a short night :-( but it's for my nephew so it's all worth it. The only thing that makes me sad is that the invitation cards end up in trash :-(
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