Dienstag, 17. August 2010

Magnolia Karte

hello ladies,

I'm finally back after some stressful weeks.
After my camera broke down, my computer broke down :-( and I had to buy a new one - Win 7 was such a pain in the butt *lol* at times, yesterday I managed to find the last programm which didn't work with its old version so I ordered it yesterday and hopefully it will be here soon.

After that we started to wallpaper our corridor and our kitchen -- everything is done now - I'm so glad to be back at my desk  as there are some projects I'd like to start in the next few days :-)

I've made some cards when I didn't have a computer and a camera which I wanna show you now.
I love this Tilda and wanted to make a birthday card with it

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Hey ihr Lieben,
Schön, dass ihr den Weg zu mir gefunden habt.
hello crafters
welcome to my blog. I really appreciate that you visit my blog.